Project Management

We give you Project Management Support in Rail/Rolling-Stock-Projects up to the lead of Projects, combined with our experience and specific Rail/Rolling-Stock-Know-How.

Homologation Management is also part of our services

Quality, Test and Commissioning

Our railway-experienced Experts will take over challenging working-packages for your projects in the areas quality assurance, test and commissioning - national and international - wherever your projects are ...


 NEW! We start to support you with mechanical and electrical engineering-services, (cabling, control, ...); one focus is the integration of ATP-/ATC-systems like ETCS


NEW! Core area retrofit: more and more the market asks for Retrofit of existing Rolling Stock with modern ETCS- and other ATP-/ATC-systems - we give you adequate and competent support at the interface between the ATP-/ATC-systems and the vehicles


Training Management: e. g. Know-How-Transfer, international Localisation, Trainer for Project Management, Know-How-Transfer and ATP-/ETCS-integration